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Ampio Outswing

Ampio French Doors

  • Outswing doors are very difficult to force open from the exterior, a big security plus.
  • Outswing doors aren’t as susceptible to wind-driven rain and water infiltration due to their threshold design. Plus, since the door pushes against the frame when the wind blows, it can resist hurricane-force winds more effectively.
  • Outswing doors save space inside the home because you don’t have to have a space cleared for the door to swing into.

Outswing Bumper Sill



Typical Outswing Threshold-

Composed of Architectural bronze, a PVC base and utilizes a dual compression gasket system for ultimate water and air infiltration prevention. The PVC base will not never rot or degrade and the Bronze will never rust or deteriorate making this an ideal choice for exterior use in coastal areas or otherwise.

Outswing Sill Detail

Sea Island-Rear Elevation-Steel